We acquire and maintain ISO9001 and IATF16949 and continuing to strive for the further improvement in productivity by continuous improvement while meeting the needs of customers.


Our Quality Systems is based on the fundamental principles associated with people involvement, a high degree of training and the scientific method expressed in terms of data collection and statistical analysis and process intent.


Our Quality Systems emphasize on:


       People and Teams (Including suppliers & customer)

       Process Improvement

       Training and Education


       Quality Activities


This means the emphasis is placed on improving skills, techniques, product and process knowledge and market knowledge by employing statistical quality control where possible.


Chiyoda Integre of America, Inc. group believes that it is one of its social responsibilities to develop the approach to environmental preservation and it is priority and obligation for the enterprise to preserve global environment for the next generation. We engaged in the Green Procurement to achieve zero environmental burden substance by utilizing international “Data Management” and “Management System. One of the approaches on the Green Procurement, Chiyoda Integre of America, Inc. group introduces energy dispersive fluorescence X-ray analyzers, and it provided prompt screening for the all elements of controlled substances. As fundamental part of our environmental commitment we establish the following principle as our guideline for environment activities control:


Won’t purchase, won’t use and, won’t sell raw materials, finished goods and packaging materials containing chemical dangerous substances out of established limits.


Following always local, national and international regulations such as RoHS, WEEE, REACH, ELV, etc. as well as the customer specific requirements.



Certificate of Quality


Certificate of Environment



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