Equipment and Process


1.     Laminating Process.

2.     Slitting Process.

3.     Flat and Rotary Custom (Die Cutting).

4.     Bending Process.

5.     Inspection and Test Equipment.

Laminating Process


Laminating process in a simple term is an automated process requiring skill and expertise to combine adhesive liner or protector sheet to material, the former should be in roll form and the latter can be either in roll or in sheet form.


It has been our obligation to provide the best facilities to our customers who are always on the high demand of upgraded services. On many occasions, raw material purchased are insufficient to justify the needs. Additional process or combination of one or more materials to make a complete requirement become a necessity. Initially this combination of materials was done manually. Such process is ineffective and are unable to cope up with the overwhelming demand beside contributing high rejection. The introduction of new automated lamination machine has made the laminating process more effective and efficient with guaranteed quality.

Slitting Process

          Slitting is a fully automated process used to convert jumbo size material to smaller size material in term of width and length.

         As an added service to our customers we introduce this slitting process to cater all slitting needs, internally and externally. Initially our machines were able to slit roll material such as paper and plastic. But with the introduction of new automated and sophisticated Slitting Machine, we are able to upgrade our service to Slitting Adhesive Tapes and Polyester film as fine as 25 micron.

Flat and Rotary Custom Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process in which fabricated Dies are made to customer's drawing specification and then using Hydraulic, Power Press or Rotary machine to cut the material into the required shaped.

       Our die-cut division was tailored to

have the capability to produce varieties

of die-cut shaped parts on different kinds

of raw materials such as Paper based,

Polyurethane Foam, Polyethylene Foam,

Plastic Based, Rubber Based, Adhesive Based, Felt Based and Metallic Based. The ability to produce kiss-cut and through-cut parts on different thickness of materials with specific tolerence has become our main focus and specialty. We have various types of machines to be assigned with special jobs to cater all types of requirements.


Bending Process

Although bending process represent only a small factor of our total production facility, however its contribution to the total requirement can never be disputed. Certain parts required to go through a few bending processes with significant quality standard. With the combination of new ideas and various bending techniques required for the advancement of the parts, we are able to develop self-fabricated bending machines that enable to satisfy and cater the current needs. The improvement on the bending methodology will continue in line with the advancement of technology.

Inspection and Test Equipment

As a quality-conscious manufacturer of custom made products requiring precision measurement, we recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining Measuring Facilities. Realizing the necessity to supply efficient and higher accuracy measurement, we have equipped ourselves with a range of comprehensive measuring equipment.

Some of this equipment include but not limited to:


- Verniers

- Pin Gauge Sets

- Micrometers

- Thickness Gauge

- Hardness Gauge

- Scales

- Radius Gauges

- XRF Screening (For Chemical content)

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